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For a better future together.


Children in impoverished areas of Peru lack the tools and education to escape the cycle of poverty.

We offer the children the chance to bring about change from the inside out.

Con Pazion provides children with quality holistic primary education that offers children the knowledge and skills they need to care for themselves and others while participating in upward community development. We use yoga as our main tool to develop physical and mental strength. 

We are equipping children in Peru with the tools and strength they need to flourish and to move into their future with hope. 

Con Pazion gives the students the chance to discover and decide what is important and meaningful to them, to others, to society, and to the world they live in by focusing on these four areas:



Our goal is to provide the opportunity to access a quality, holistic primary education for children that live in extreme poverty. Con Pazion is opening its first holistic primary school in March 2020. We have created a revolutionary educational concept through which we empower the children from the inside out so they can obtain social and civil mobility and break the cycle of poverty. The Con Pazion school uses the national curriculum in which we integrated yoga, mindfulness, and health and environmental awareness.



We emphasize health education, teaching the importance of proper nutrition, clean water, grooming, disease prevention, physical fitness, and more. The children learn how to care for themselves and increase their well-being through healthy behavior and lifestyle.


Yoga and Meditation

Regular yoga practice, combined with meditation, benefits both the body and mind by cultivating strength, flexibility, coordination, and self-awareness. Yoga promotes concentration while reducing stress and bringing a sense of inner peace and well-being.

We believe yoga helps build the self-confidence and inner strength our students need to rise out of their current circumstances and create better lives for themselves. 


Life Skills and Values

Beyond our academic emphasis, we want the children to develop values and skills that will help the children be successful and contributing members of society. We offer our students the chances to develop personal and social responsibility, communication skills, and leadership skills. We teach the value of honesty and being true to your word.

We also teach practical life skills, including organic gardening, to give our children the skills they need to care for themselves and each other in the community, and how to take care of the earth and protect the environment.


To learn more about who we are, read our story here:

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We can't do this alone.

We need your support.

Helping the children through our programs and starting our school is a big task, and requires a lot of time, energy, and financial support. We can't do this without you! 

Here are the ways you can support us:




As a nonprofit foundation, we can only exist through the generosity of our sponsors. Please consider donating to us to help fund our programs, purchase supplies, and more. We are currently in the process of launching our crowdfunding and other fundraising initiatives, but you can subscribe to our donor list to be immediately notified once our fundraising launches.


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