Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

Thank you so much for asking! We rely on the generosity of donations to run our foundation, so please consider making a donation.

We also need volunteers. You can also help by spreading the news about our organization to your friends and family, and encouraging them to support us, as well.

What is Con Pazion’s current status and the plans for the future?

We are active in two communities in Manchay where we work with 150 children and their families. We are teaching classes in an existing state preschool and we work in two communal centers. The classes we teach are aligned with our holistic curriculum:

  • environmental awareness

  • empowerment

  • health/nutrition

  • yoga/ mindfulness

  • arts

Pilot project

We are planning to start the pilot project for our primary school as soon as possible. During the pilot project we are offering daily after school classes working with max. 150 children consistently. We will transmit knowledge and develop skills with a holistic vision, which includes environmental awareness, creations of organic gardens, nutrition and health, empowerment, yoga and mindfulness, life skills and values. Help children with their homework, promoting a co-curricular space that promotes and offers the opportunity to evolve and master cognitive information, as established in the national curriculum, using our own methodology. We will measure and monitor the results and impact of our students' learning, in addition to the implementation of the methodology. Involve the community in the activities carried out in favor of enhancing the competencies of our students. During the pilot project we’ll measure and monitor the impact of our teachings, we’ll train our teachers and we’'ll develop our holistic curriculum and construct our sustainable school building.

Future plans

We are planning to open our first holistic primary school in March 2020.

For the future we are dreaming of replicating our school to other disadvantaged areas of Lima and to other places in Perú. We believe many kids worldwide can benefit from this innovative approach. Lima is just the beginning, we dream of expanding globally to continue the movement.

How will my donation be spent?

Donations made to the Foundation Con Pazion will be used for the realization of our primary school, the purchase of materials, facility costs, staff costs and marketing. If you want your donation to be used for a specific part within Con Pazion, please let us know by email, or mention it in your donation.

We aim to use less than 10% of donations for fundraising.

Where in Peru are you active?

We are currently active in the slums of Manchay, a suburb of Lima, Peru. We We have access to a piece of land in Manchay where we will construct the first Con Pazion primary school. The holistic primary school will open its doors in March 2020.

What children are included in the programs?

We focus on the most vulnerable children in deprived areas of Peru. We want to improve the chances of the poorest children. At this moment we are working with the children of the schools we’re collaborating with. Our dream to provide vulnerable children with solid and innovative child based learning. We use measuring instruments from the United Nations to serve poorest and most vulnerable children. We’ll use an active recruitment strategy to ensure that we reach our target group. We will invite those children to attend school our school.

How can I contact you?

The best way to reach us is by emailing us at