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Thank you for your interest in volunteering! We're currently working on defining our current volunteer needs. If you are interested in being notified when we open new volunteer opporrtunities, please subscribe to our volunteer newsletter below. 


Current Volunteer Positions Available

Yoga Teachers

Location: Lima / Manchay

Hours: 8 to 10 per week

We are looking for yoga teachers to teach yoga classes for the children in the slums of Manchay.

You are an experienced and certified yoga teacher. You believe that practicing yoga can impact a life in many positive ways,  and you want to share the power of yoga with the children in impoverished areas.

You have affinity with children; if you have experience teaching children that is a big plus! You are willing to travel to the slums once a week to teach,  not only at a school but also on a local playground, spreading yoga under circumstances that are not your average yoga studio.

You speak Spanish and English and have good communication skills. You enjoy teaching yoga and you care about empowering the children of Peru.

If you would like to volunteer from abroad, please reach out for possibilities. We require at least a three month dedication since we work with vulnerable children.


Location: Remote, you work from where you want!

Hours: Varying from 2 to 10 per week

You are a tech savvy webmaster with an eye for esthetics in web design.  Preferably you have experience with Squarespace, or you have experience with other service based content management platforms and are confident you will feel at home using Squarespace. If you have experience with SEO, that’s a big plus!

You will maintain the website, keeping it up to date on both back end and front. You will work together with our team on keeping the website current and in the style of Con Pazion. You will be responsible for formatting and posting content written by our content writers, including the blog that will soon start . You will also be in contact with our translation team to make sure new content translations will be available in all languages (excluding our blog which will be English only).

Fundraising Leader

Location: Remote, you work from where you want!

Hours: At least 5 per week, with a three-month minimum commitment

As a nonprofit, we rely on donations to operate and to live our mission. Fundraising is a crucial aspect of our foundation, and we’re looking for the right person to join our team and lead our fundraising.

You are passionate about holistic education and changing the world. You have a proven-record as a fundraising expert for non-profits, and you want to use your skills to help a new charity.

You have strong communication and leadership skills.

You will work with Leonie to set fundraising goals that will further the mission of Con Pazion. You will be responsible for developing a fundraising strategy to meet those goals. After the strategy is in place, you will be responsible for implementing it and following through.

If you're interested in any of the positions listed above, please contact us at info@conpazion.org and tell us about you, why you want to dedicate your time and what you can do!

Note: Our team's chosen language is English, so good communication skills in English is a must for all positions. If you want to work with Con Pazion on a voluntary basis, you can dedicate your time and you are able to work within reasonable deadlines, you may be just the person we need to join our team.