Magic is happening!

Con Pazion is growing and magic is happening.

As soon as we launched, we received a generous donation from Adidas and the woman who has inspired us from day one, Adriene Mishler. This donation has allowed us to immediately expand our program, and we’re immensely grateful.

We’ve been working hard and planting seeds for the past months. Our team is growing in Lima, Perú, as more and more people contact us and connect with us, wanting to be part of the change.

We now have an education team consisting of seven strong women. Together, we are working on the realization of our first Con Pazion primary school for unprivileged children in the slums of Lima. Our curriculum will integrate yoga & mindfulness, health, values and consciousness in order to equip the kids with the tools and strength they need to move into their future with hope and to live meaningful lives.

The road is long but our education team is strong, determined and the love and devotion is definitely there! 

We want to start helping people immediately while raising awareness and interest in our school and program. To do this, we’re teaching weekly yoga classes on a dusty program in the slums. We have an amazing team of passionate yoga teachers who trek to Manchay and welcome all the neighborhood kids to the class. The children love the classes, and each week our classes get bigger. Our classes are overflowing with meaningful interactions, with peace and compassion that flows straight from heart to heart. The children flourish, and parents have noticed the effects of yoga on their children, and want some yoga for themselves: this week 6 moms requested for a weekly ‘women-only-yoga class.’ Isn’t that amazing?

 The growth is beautiful. We’re honored and humbled by the support we’re receiving.

We’re so, so grateful.



This video of the children chanting with us shows the heart of Con Pazion. It shows the chemistry, the joy, and the awareness, but also shows the difficult circumstances that we work in and work on. Without going into too much detail, the circumstances our children live in are heartbreaking and inhumane. By covering them with a blanket of love and providing them tools to strengthen their body and mind, we aim to empower them to break the cycle of poverty.

Thank you for coming with us on this journey. We're so grateful for your support. 

Much love,



P.S. Have you checked out our website lately? It’s now available in Dutch, Spanish, and French, with German coming soon. All thanks to KulaPower! 


Do you want to be part of the change? Consider donating to Con Pazion. Your donations fund our yoga programs and help us spread more love and awareness as we teach yoga and work towards opening our school.